Topic 11: Technology and Spectacle

This topic was about technology and the spectacle that filmmaking has become. I found it very interesting how many films are considered ‘spectacles’ because of their production value and use of technology. There are many cases in which making a ‘big’ film becomes more important than the narrative. Especially in this modern era of filmmaking. Most of the big box office releases are these spectacles, and that’s because they sell so well! People go to the cinema to escape from their reality, so having a loud and bright film is often what consumers search for. The recent release of the new ‘Independence Day’ film is a great example of this. The film is full of explosions, vibrant colours, outlandish concepts and tons of visual effects. However, it falls down so much in basic storyline and script, which are some very basic elements of filmmaking. Although some of the modern films lack narrative, there are classics like ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ that contain a marvel of effects, music, concepts and storyline. Every element of storytelling is used to the extreme and that’s what makes it such a spectacle. So there are definitely some films that have included new technologies to help enhance them however a lot of modern ‘box office’ cinema tend to lack basic narrative and film principles.


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