Topic 10: Film and Audience

This topic was about audience reaction. I found it incredibly interesting to learn about how filmmakers use ‘target audiences’ to produce and commercialise their films. Personally, I prefer watching films in a large audience and space (like a movie theatre). I usually find myself reacting to other people’s reactions than the film itself. That being said, I tend to go back and watch it again in my own time to focus on my own reaction. I enjoy knowing how others feel about a film so I can utilise that in my own work. For example, ‘Suicide Squad’ was released recently. The anticipation for this film was incredible and when I went to the midnight screening, the audience’s reaction to the film was incredibly positive. However, when I watched it on a quieter night, I enjoyed it less because I focused more on my own reaction to it. Using both of these methods of film watching allows me to know what the audience and general public enjoys and what kinds of movies ‘sell’. It also allows me to get a deeper understanding of what I prefer to watch and thus create. I don’t enjoy seeing films in small intimate groups (like the IMA or the GOMA theatre) as much. There are less reactions to observe so I end up over analysing a few people rather than focusing on the film. But this can also simply be my overwhelming need to analyse everyone. Overall, I personally enjoy seeing films with crowds of people, just to see how they react.


One thought on “Topic 10: Film and Audience

  1. Hey Bella.

    Firstly, great blog! I thoroughly enjoyed your insight into how your viewing experience ultimately dictates the way you perceive a film. I feel the same way and I also enjoy the intimacy of watching a film in a crowd. For me though, it’s about the atmosphere and sense of immersion I get which can’t be recreated when streaming Netflix on my laptop. I really liked one point you mentioned, that “these methods of film watching allow you to know what the audience and general public enjoy”. Personally, it has also helped me identify the beats and also the pacing of a scene (basing it off the audiences reaction alone). Viewing a film with an audience is often overlooked but i’m glad you feel the same way.



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