City of God Title Sequence

The title sequence to the 2002 film, City of God, is filled with harsh colours (blues and reds), loud and sharp diegetic sounds and quick cuts between imagery. The quick shots between varying imagery also show the location and introduce the kind of people we will be seeing in the film. The sequence begins with rapid quick cuts of a knife being sharpened on a rock. This harsh diegetic sound creates an uneasy feeling among the audience. The cuts then change to images of chickens being killed/cooked while one looks on, visibly scared of what’s going to happen. This is most likely foreshadowing what’s to happen in the film. The next quick cut is of two boys walking along the road, discussing how he’s never going to stay in the ‘hood’. This then cuts to the chicken escaping and running away from the men who’s going to cook it. The sound changes to a fast paced non-diegetic soundtrack, building intensity. This could be seen as symbolism, the boy is actually the chicken, trying to escape being killed. The boy and the chicken then come face to face with the gang and the police on either side of them, confirming the symbolism of the boy and the chicken. The intense sounds (diegetic and non-diegetic) and quick cuts build a fast pace and create a sense of rhythm for the rest of the film, engaging the audience.


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