Secret Interview Techniques

In our lecture this week, we looked at job interviews. A common misconception in the creative industries is that we don’t have job interviews because we just do ~creative stuff~ but it’s actually fairly intense. The only job interview i’ve ever had was for my current job as a waitress. My boss asked me when I was available, why I think I could work well there and what my greatest strengths and weaknesses are.

My mum runs a law firm and whenever she holds job interviews, the one question she always asks is, ‘What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?’ She uses this question to see how well the applicant can think on their feet and if they would have the right energy for the workplace. She said the strangest she ever heard was, ‘I dunno.. probably die?’. Needless to say, that person wasn’t hired.


In the creative industries, it’s important to be able to express personality in all aspects. Wether it’s writing emails, taking phone calls or having a job interview, your employer/future employer needs to know who you really are so they are able to figure out what kind of employee you will be.

When I asked my mum why she didn’t hire that person she said, ‘They gave up almost immediately. They didn’t even try to respond. It shows that they are lazy and unmotivated.’ I was a little bit surprised because i thought she just read too much into this response however after reading the lecture, I totally understand where she is coming from.

Employers want to know that you can think on your feet, that you’re serious about what you want. If you’re 100% honest and passionate about the job you’re applying for, you should be able to answer any of the strange questions they might throw at you.



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