My Income and My Art

In our lecture, we looked at how we’re going to support ourselves as artists. The cost of creating a feature length film is pretty extraordinary if you want it to have a decent production value. From hiring equipment to spaces to cast and crew, the price of creating a film is constantly growing.

Two options that drew me in were crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is asking the public for donations so you can create something. It is also used for donations. The idea of crowdfunding stood out to me because you’re not just asking one investor and thus creating a sense of obligation. Many films have been created this way. My favourite example of this would be the 2013 movie, ‘Wish I Was Here’.  


Zach Braff created a kickstarter for this film, after seeing the success some projects had with crowdfunding. He raised over $3 Million to make the film. In his campaign, he created a sense of community and belonging by including all the details of pre-production and how they would make the film once they raised their money. This allowed the donator to know exactly where their money is going. By offering rewards for certain amounts of donations, he was able to raise the money in a fairly short amount of time. Of course, a student or someone less well known would struggle a bit more using crowdfunding, simply because they don’t have such a large fan base.


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 12.08.49 PM.png

Another example but on a smaller scale would be the short film, ‘Kung Fury’. Created by the company Laser Unicorns, they were able to crowdfund around $630,000. Although they aren’t as famous as Zach Braff, that is an incredibly substantial amount of money for a film. They also provided rewards and updates, keeping the public in the loop.


I would create a kickstarter for a film because i think it is an effective way to receive funding. However, because a lot of people aren’t tv super stars and don’t have the amount of resources Zach Braff has, I understand that i might not make as much money as him. This just means that i would most likely have to ask an investor or outside resource as well.


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