My Media Use and Identity

I want to work in the film industry. Almost every element of media contributes to film. There’s a soundtrack, visual effects, performance etc.

As an aspiring director the media that i value most are: Film, tv, live performances (music/theatre), visual art and design, and recorded music (Vinyl, mp3, and tape).

These are all based on what i want to create. Watching and analysing film (and tv occasionally) allows me to develop ideas and interpret other creators. In terms of media, film would be the most important to me. Not just because it’s the industry i want to break into but also because it’s what inspires people. You could watch a brilliant film and have a fantastic idea for a piece of art or a song (For example, the lyrics to Debaser by The Pixies were based off a film by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí called Un Chien Andalou)

Similarly, live music and theatre inspires me. You’re able to see how people in a different way, playing a part. Being able to see people as something other than themselves drives me to imagine them in various scenes in my head. It’s the hands on experience that can take and idea and put a face or a song to it. It can do so much as create a concept or so little as provide a song for a 1 minute scene. Either way, the ability to see it play out in front of you and actually be in the moment provides the knowledge of what you want the audience to feel when they’re in the movies. You want to feel that moment, so you can recreate it for them.



Visual art and design, and recorded music are quite different. They are things to reflect with, to take time and dissect. They are the real thinking medias. Unlike live music and film, you’re less able to feel ‘in the moment’, this gives the opportunity to just sit and treasure the moment with the media. These types of media are so important to me because they allow me to take my time with them.

Every element of media is incredibly important to not only inspire but also to educate. Although some elements of media may seem unnecessary to other creative practices, they can actually be really helpful in developing original ideas and concepts. My use of media is to inspire and motivate me.


One thought on “My Media Use and Identity

  1. I love how you added hyperlinks and pictures into this blog, however it would be great if you added some references into it. Very interesting for your audiences.


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